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Improving driver behaviour and how drivers act behind the wheel can have significant benefits for your business. Firstly, the cost of poor driver behaviour can have a substantial impact on your business. Fuel costs, vehicle maintenance and vehicle insurance are all costs which can be affected through the quality of your drivers. Fuel costs can increase due to poor driving behaviours such as speeding, harsh acceleration and idling. The worse habits drivers have the more wear and tear on vehicles meaning higher maintenance costs and increased downtime for vehicles. The most common cause of road accidents is due to actions from drivers. By monitoring how your drivers are performing can reduce the risk of accidents happening, leading to not only reduced accident and claims fees but also reduced insurance costs. A few simple changes in driver performance can have a monumental impact on business costs.

Secondly, with poor driver behaviour comes a bad brand image with other road users, which might be seen by potential customers. If your drivers have poor driving habits this will reflect on your business and potentially damage any future business with other companies or customers. By applying a good driver behaviour culture throughout your business, as well as bring cost down it can also create a positive brand image and awareness.

Lastly, as a fleet manager nothing feels better than all fleet operations running smoothly and efficiently. However, with poor drivers will come with more vehicle downtime. Poor cornering and harsh braking are just a few of many ways driver behaviour can damage a vehicle. With this will come increased maintenance fees as discussed but also longer vehicle downtime. So rather than being out on the road, your vehicle will be in a garage getting repaired. This can then lead to routing and scheduling problems and you may run the risk of not completing all jobs as expected. To combat this problem ensuring drivers are fully trained and driving data is acted upon, more of your vehicles will be out on the road where they are supposed to be.

Many common bad driving behaviours found in drivers are:

  • OverSpeeding

  • Harsh Acceleration

  • Not wearing a seat belt

  • Harsh Cornering

  • Harsh Braking

  • Excessive Idling

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